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11. Feb 2019

5 MINUTES WITH…. Carlos Kiefer

5 MINUTES WITH…. Carlos Kiefer

We are happy to introduce you to our youngest member of our Fanatic Grom Team today: Carlos Kiefer from Gran Canaria! Carlos is Alexia´s smaller brother and is only 11 years old. He definitely shows no fear when he is out on the water! 2018 he finished as the PWA Youth Vice World Champ Under 13 and took 2nd place in the PWA Youth Fleet in Pozo. Now he is already training again for this summer.

At what age did you start Windsurfing?
I started windsurfing with 7 years. My dad is a dedicated windsurfer and my sister Alexia and myself always came to the beach with him when we were small. So I could not wait to be old enough to finally try myself, especially in waves.

Who/what did that inspire you to start Windsurfing?
My dad. He even moved from Germany to Gran Canaria so he could be more on the water. He always had such a passion for windsurfing, we basically had no chance but to gro into it. And now we can all go on the water together, what more can you wish as a family?

How do you reconcile school and Windsurfing?
During the week I have to concentrate on school, but if it´s windy I go for like 1,5 hours and do my homework after. But on the weekends and during school holidays I am on the water from early in the morning till late evening.

Do you have other passions besides Windsurfing?
I love Drones and really enjoy playing around with them and trying new things. Otherwise I like to spent as much time as possible in the waves, if there´s no wind I go SUPing or Surfing.

Who are your idols in Windsurfing?
Gollito Estredo and Riccardo Campello. They are both different to the rest and special characters!

Which moves are you working on?
Taka, Backloop and Double Forward!

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