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29. Nov 2018



The next generation is ready to rock! We are excited to present our young talents, ripping on our new Grip XS! After Jose Antonio Casanova Peréz from Almerimar, we like to introduce you to a young very talented waterman from France: César Filippi!

At what age did you start Windsurfing ?
I started windsurfing when I was 8 years old with the Fanatic Ripper and a 1,5m sail. Right now I am using the new Grip XS – this board is really perfect for my needs!

Who/what did that inspire you to start Windsurfing?
I’m living in Carro, so right at the spot. My dad is a very dedicated waterman, he loves to windsurf, SUP, and Surf and spends every possible minute on the water – so I had no choice!

How do you reconcile school and Windsurfing?
I love to go to school and my grades are pretty good, so I can windsurf quite often as long as I do my homework and studay enough for my exams. On the weekends and in school holidays I just spend as much time as possible on the water.

Do you have other passions besides Windsurfing?
I love drawing, painting, skateboarding and I like to play my guitar. But I definitely like to be in the water to surf, SUP and fly with my foil whenever it’s possible… But windsurfing is my favourite out of all!

Who are your idols in Windsurfing?
Victor Fernandez for his Double Frontloop, Gollito for his Freestyle skills and Regis Bouron because he is a very good singer: -)

Which moves are you working on?
Clean Backloop, Flaka and Grubby are the next steps for me. I am lucky to have my dad as a coach!

You can read more about César here:

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