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08. Mrz 2019

Diamond Special World Women´s Day

Diamond Special World Women´s Day

Over the years, SUP has given an exciting new lease of life to people of all ages worldwide. Through learning a new sport, embracing new trends or straight up shredding, there’s no doubt that this sport-for-all creates a sense of empowerment, motivation and strength. The female community has been making a serious impression on the industry, taking to the ocean, charging waves, leading the ‘workout on water’ trend and winning races across the globe.

As a brand we embrace the stoke and demands that our customers want from our products, and endeavor to further fuel the passion. Working hard to create the most inclusive and progressive women specific boards, our line of Diamonds are designed to cover all styles and demands of the female rider. Today is International Women´s Day and we would like to pay special attention to our sparkling Diamond range designed by women for women! Read hereafter some statement from our female riders.

Inspiring water-women María Andrés, has found her own special connection with SUP and is constantly surprised with each experience it gives her:
“SUP has changed the way I enjoy the ocean. As a Windsurfer and Surfer I’ve always played in rougher environments, which I love! But in the past, there were long periods of time where the conditions didn’t deliver and I couldn’t go riding. Since discovering SUP, I get to enjoy the peacefulness of being out in the ocean on those beautiful calm days, and paddling is a seriously good workout! I like to cruise around, see the coastline from a different perspective and get closer to marine life, I even paddled next to whales! I’d say that SUP has definitely connected me with the ocean in a deeper and more complete way. It doesn’t take long to gain confidence on a SUP board and now when the waves are big I don’t hold back. It’s also super fun to take a bigger board when the waves are tiny and get out there. Between windsurfing and SUP I get on the water 365 days of the year. What more can a girl want?”

Alice Arutkin has been paving the way for female riders and style on the water for years. Her passion for SUP comes in many forms and we’re sure her words will spark some excitement in you too:
“To me SUP means playtime! As a sport it’s incredibly unifying and non-elitist. It’s easy, accessible, fun and open to everyone from pro athletes to amateurs. The Touring models are the best boards for those who want to take a trip. Pack your drinks and snacks, and you’re set for an expedition. The Diamond Bamboo is my daily paddle and the one I personally love to ride most. It allows me to cruise, train and ride some cool waves. The Diamond Air is practical, light and user-friendly. The super comfy backpack will complement your adventures and make travelling easy.

Manuela Jungo is a professional kiteboarder and adventure traveller from Switzerland and also always takes her Diamond Air Touring wherever she can:
„The Diamond Air is the perfect companion for windless moments and I always try to take it with me on my kite trips for windless days. It´s easy to carry, quickly pumped up and I can use it for fitness or just to cruise around and explore new beaches or enjoy the sunset. At my home country Switzerland we do have a lot of mountain lakes which are perfect for touring and exploring. I would never want to miss my Diamond Air Touring here again.“

Paulina Herpel is a professional SUP rider and normally trains on her ProWave and Falcon or Strike. But she also especially loves her Diamond boards:
„When I am travelling to wave spots or adventure trips, I always take my Diamond Air Touring with me. I just love the look and the easy cruising. Sometimes I just go for a quick paddle with it in Hamburg city as it´s just much easier to transport than my bulky raceboards. At the Bavarian lakes I also love to cruise with the Diamond Bamboo Touring. I just love it’s sparkling style on the turquoise waters!“

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