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14. Dez 2018

Juan De Los Reyes joins the International SUP Team

Juan De Los Reyes joins the International SUP Team

We are happy to announce that Juan De los Reyes from Team Fanatic SUP Spain will join the International SUP Team from January onwards! Juan has proven his SUPsurfing skills in the past – he is the Spanish SUP Champ, finished fourth @ the ISA World Tour in China, took the first place in the European Championship for the fourth consecutive time in the Junior category and finished third in the Open. And he just took out the Juniors discipline at his first APP World Tour event on Gran Canaria. So for sure he has the potential for something bigger! With Juan we have another young and motivated talent in the team – looking forward to watch him in 2019!

Fred Bonnef, Fanatic rider and Juan´s trainings mate and mentor:
„I am super stoked to see Juan De los Reyes, aka Juanito, joining the international team. I had the chance to train and compete with him, and also to see him growing as a person and a competitor, especially last two years, and I was not very surprised to see him being in the SUP Surfing ISA final this year, and being Spanish Champion just one week after. He comes from a small place, Barbate, in South of Spain, close from Tarifa, where you don´t always have waves. He never had the chance to travel a lot, but with his natural talent, humble approach, and hard work, he managed to proof that he is one of the best international SUP surfer. Welcome Juanito!“

Juan De los Reyes:
„I’m very thankful and excited about this opportunity that Fanatic has given to me. When I was a little kid I used to dream about riding waves with the best and now my dream is coming true! I will give my best and won’t fail, thank you for everything!“

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