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18. Feb 2019

The Soul of The River Salzach

The Soul of The River Salzach

Last year the German businessman Pascal Rösler paddled from Munich to the mouth of the Danube into the Black Sea. 2.467 km and 63 days on the water with his  Falcon Air, about 600.000 paddle strokes in total. He did that all for a good cause – to maintain our water, which we all need for our living. His goal is to have the water in the Danube drinkable by the year 2042.

To make this reality, each small river that goes into the Danube has to get back to its ecological balance. One of it is the river Salzach, which Pascal paddled last September partly together with our river SUP ambassador Oliver Heldt. The Salzach runs 225 kilometers before flowing into the river Inn. Pascal started his tour from the source near the Salzachgeier with his Rapid Air and Falcon Air to demonstrate how the river changes. On February 8th he has presented the movie from the journey in Munich in front of 350 people and also took the chance to discuss some environmental issues about the resources of our water.

We are very happy to be part of this great movement, the evening has shown us once again that it can certainly change something together! Thank you for everything Pascal Rösler and Pure Water for Generations e.V. – keep it up!

For those who would like to donate something for this great cause/find our more:


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