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14. Nov 2018

5 Minutes with…. Jose Antonio Peréz

5 Minutes with…. Jose Antonio Peréz

Our Fanatic Grom team was thriving in the Youth division on the PWA Wave World Tour this summer. The youngsters spent plenty of time training and most of them succesfully participated in the PWA Junior World Cups in Pozo and Tenerife in August. Some of them are already throwing Forwards and are highly motivated to make it to the top. The next generation is ready to rock! We are excited to present our  young talents, ripping on our new Grip XS!

First on the list is Victor´s protegee Jose Antonio Casanova Peréz from Almerimar!

At what age did you start windsurfing?
I started windsurfing when I was 8 years old with my mother, my brother and a friend. I got more serious when I was 10, right after the Víctor Fernandez Center was created.

Who/what did that inspire you to start windsurfing?
I’ve loved the sea since I was little and was fascinated with surfing movies and waves altogether. When I was 7, I saved money to buy a surfboard in Victor Fernandez’s parents shop. Right after I bought it, Victor came to my school to speak about windsurfing. I was very fascinated from all those crazy jumps and tricks you could do in huge waves. We went to visit Victor again in his center after that and he gave us some cool posters and videos. Since that moment, windsurfing became my passion and my everyday obsession!

How do you reconcile school and windsurfing
During the school time I can only go sailing as much days as I can and to still write good grades, that´s essential for my parents, otherwise they don´t let me go on the water. I try to pay attention during the school classes as much as possible so I don’t have to study that much in the afternoons and have more time for sailing. I also try to do all the homework at school and if possible I study early in the morning so that I can spend all the day sailing, especially on the weekends and during the exam periods.

Do you do any other kinds of training besides windsurfing?
I practice other water sports such as SUP and Surfing and I go to the gym three times a week.

Do you have a coach?
Yes, Victor Fernández and his father, José Fernandez!

Do you have any idols in windsurfing?
Yes – my idol definitely is Víctor Fernández!

Which move do you want to land next?
Double Forward and Pushloop.

You can read more about Jose here:

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