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07. Mar 2019

5 MINUTES WITH…. Julia Pasquale Peirano

5 MINUTES WITH…. Julia Pasquale Peirano

Meet Julia Pasquale from Gran Canaria! Julia is a very talented windsurfgirl and big fan of our Grip XS. Together with her brother Valentino she grew up in the windsurfing mecca Pozo which helped a lot to learn fast. In 2018 she finished 2nd in the PWA Junior World Tour in Pozo Under 17 and 1st in Tenerife Under 17 and Under 20. We had a quick talk with the 16 year-old:

At what age did you start Windsurfing?
I started windsurfing when I was 10 years old! I took lessons at Pozowind’s windsurfing school at Bahía de Formas beach, a flat water spot nearby my house.

Who/what did that inspire you to start Windsurfing?
I was inspired specially by my elder brother Valentino Pasquale who started windsurfing two years before me. He seemed so happy in the water and I could not stop watching him.  Eventually I wanted to feel the same, so I decided to try it as well and got addicted to ride very fast! We have a nice community of windsurfers here in Pozo, so a lot of my friends are sharing the stoke with me! And last but not least my parents are both windsurfing as well.

How do you reconcile school and Windsurfing?
I keep all my homeworks and studies up to date, so when the wind blows I can take some time off without feeling bad about school.

Do you have other passions besides Windsurfing?
Yes of course! When there’s no wind I go surfing with my friends. I also love orienteering in the woods and do participate in national competitions. Besides that I enjoy sharing time with my friends and listening to music!

Who are your idols in Windsurfing?
Víctor Fernández, he’s so good and I really admire his style in jumps and riding waves! And also outside the water, he’s an example to follow, always calm, friendly – a real star!

Which moves are you working on?
I’m working on better Backloops and Frontloops. I can do both already, but I would like to do them better and higher!

You can read more about Julia here:

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