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05. Avr 2019

Out Now: Aero SUP/Surf Foil Range!

Out Now: Aero SUP/Surf Foil Range!

Good things come to those who wait! Our next generation of Aero Surf Foils will blow your mind! The new wings are highly efficient, keep flying as long as you want and offer incredibly fluid and forgiving turning!

Various combinations are possible, these four key combos are offered as packages:
Aero Foil 1500 (Prone Surf and Advanced SUP)
Aero Foil 2000 Short Fuselage (Allround Prone Surf and SUP)
Aero Foil 2000 Long Fuselage (Entry Allround SUP)
Aero Foil 2500 (Big Boy SUP)



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